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ArangoDB Web UI

For those administrators who are more visually inclined or otherwise prefer using graphical interfaces to the command-line, ArangoDB provides a web interface for managing and operating on databases and clusters.  The latest releases of ArangoDB introduce a number of new features and improvements to the Web UI, including:

  • Graph Viewer The updated visualization tool for graph databases, showing the vertices and connecting edges in a convenient, easy to manage interface, and support for larger graphs.
  • AQL Editor Tool for testing and profiling AQL queries to investigate issues and improve overall query performance.
  • Shortcuts Overview The interface now supports keyboard shortcuts, making it easier and faster to perform operations on the ArangoDB Web UI.
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ArangoDB Web UI
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Graph Viewer

The interrelation of vertices is sometimes difficult to understand when viewed from the console. The database can see how they relate to one another as can your application, but it isn’t always near so clear to the developer. The Graph Viewer provides a convenient visualization tool based on Canvas and WebGL, showing the vertices in a graph and the edges connecting them. It also provides an interface, allowing you to operate on the graph through the Web UI.

In the version 3.1 release of ArangoDB, the Graph Viewer underwent a significant update, improving performance and adding new features allowing it to handle much larger graphs than it could previously.

ArangoDB Graph Viewer

AQL Editor

Often there are many ways to query a database to retrieve the same results and not all of these ways are equal to each other. Using the AQL Editor, you can experiment issuing queries the database and testing the return values. With the Query Performance Profiler, you can get information on how the query performs and investigate how long each it takes each part of the query to execute.

The AQL Editor auto-detects the visualization that works best for your query results. You can also manually select a visualization model, choosing between JSON, tabular and graph output.

AQL Result Profiling
AQL Result As Graph
AQL Result As Table

Shortcuts Overview

While you can click through various operations with the mouse, you may find it more convenient and efficient to use the keyboard. ArangoDB now includes support for keyboard shortcuts, making it faster and easier to perform operations through the Web UI.

ShortCuts Overview