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Using ArangoDB with JavaScript

The multi-model database ArangoDB supports documentsgraphs and key/value pairs. Using the ArangoDB JavaScript driver you can store JSON objects as documents and connect them using vertices as a graph: model your data as you see fit for your application. As a native multi-model database ArangoDB supports document JOINS, graph traversals and optional strong consistency guarantees using transactions – all combined in a single AQL query.

Here is your starting point to get familiar with ArangoDB – the NoSQL database and JavaScript:


javascript download

ArangoDB & JavaScript Drivers

JavaScript drivers are available in the download drivers section. The official arangojs can be installed via NPM.


node io arango tutorial
docker arango tutorial
foxx arangodb tutorial

Getting started with ArangoDB and JavaScript in 10 Minutes

A brief introduction on how to use ArangoDB with the official JavaScript driver, adding collections and documents, CRUD operations and the powerful query language AQL.

How to run ArangoDB in a Docker container

How to deploy your App as a Docker container to run in the cloud.

Java Recipes / Use Cases

github crawler
node custom visitor

Crawling Github with Promises

Build your own github crawler with the JavaScript driver and promises.

Using custom visitor from node.js

How to traverse a graph using a custom visitor from node.js.


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More tutorials, installation how-to’s, documentation and frequently asked questions could be accessed from a central documentation page.

manual screen

ArangoDB Manual

For a deep-dive into ArangoDB, a first-steps guide or a short lookup of function calls – we refer to the manual.

Need help?

If you have any questions regarding ArangoDB and the JavaScript driver, please contact the community on our ArangoDB Google-Group or ask your question – tagged with “arangodb” on Stackoverflow.

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