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Using ArangoDB with Java

ArangoDB is a native multi-model database that supports documentsgraphs and key/value pairs. Using the ArangoDB Java driver you can store Java objects as documents and connect them using vertices as a graph: model your data as you see fit for your application. As a native multi-model database ArangoDB supports JOINS between collections, traversing graphs and optional transaction guarantees in a single query.

Here is your starting point to get familiar with ArangoDB – the NoSQL database and Java:



ArangoDB & Java Drivers

Several Java drivers are available in the download drivers section. The official arangodb-java-driver can be bundled via Maven.


java arangodb tutorial
docker arango tutorial

Getting started with ArangoDB and Java in 10 Minutes

A brief introduction on how to use ArangoDB with the official Java driver, adding collections and documents, CRUD operations and the powerful query language AQL.

How to run ArangoDB in a Docker container

How to deploy your App as a Docker container to run in the cloud.

Java Recipes / Use Cases

recipe java graph

How to use a vertex with the Java driver

Retrieve information out of a graph using an object as an example vertex.


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More tutorials, installation how-to’s, documentation and frequently asked questions could be accessed from a central documentation page.

manual screen

ArangoDB Manual

For a deep-dive into ArangoDB, a first-steps guide or a short lookup of function calls – we refer to the manual.

Need help?

If you have any questions regarding ArangoDB and the Java driver, please contact the community on our ArangoDB Google-Group or ask your question – tagged with “arangodb” on Stackoverflow.

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