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Webinar Recording: Getting Started with ArangoDB ArangoGraph

The slides of this webinar are available here.

Looking to move to the cloud this year? Curious to get a glimpse of ArangoGraph, the easiest way to run ArangoDB?

Ewout Prangsma, ArangoDB ArangoGraph Architect and Team Lead, provides a walk-through on how to get started, as well as get the most out of the platform. Topics covered include:

  • Creating your first deployment
  • How to choose the right configuration and node size
  • Inviting colleagues to join you
  • Security best practices
  • Introduction to automation with ArangoGraph
  • Audience Q&A

Get your own ArangoGraph by starting a free 14-day trial (no credit card required) at cloud.arangodb.com.

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Ewout Prangsma
About the Presenter:

Ewout is an all-round senior software developer / entrepreneur who loves to solve complex technical problems to make life easier for real end users. Having seen lots of programming languages, he prefers to use whatever language fits the problem at hand. Within the ArangoDB he works on various distributed systems like datacenter to datacenter replication, the ArangoDB starter and the go driver.

In his spare time he likes to work on amazing model train experiences with his fellow members of ‘Team Zwitserleven’.