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Webinar Recording: ArangoDB 3.8 Analytics at Scale

The slides of this webinar are available here.

The ArangoDB community and team are proud to preview the next version of ArangoDB, an open-source, highly scalable graph database with multi-model capabilities.

With version 3.8, ArangoDB doubles down on its capabilities for Analytics at scale, especially in the area of Graph and ArangoSearch. New features include:

  • AQL window operations
  • Weighted Graph Traversal
  • ArangoSearch Pipeline & AQL Analyzers
  • Enhanced Geo support in ArangoSearch
  • And many more!

Join our CTO, Jörg Schad, Ph.D.and Developer Relations Engineer Chris Woodward in this webinar to learn more about ArangoDB 3.8 and the roadmap for upcoming releases.

Joerg Schad

Jörg Schad

Christopher Woodward

Chris Woodward

About the Presenter:

Jörg Schad is the CTO at ArangoDB. In a previous life, he has worked on or built machine learning pipelines in healthcare, distributed systems at Mesosphere, and in-memory databases. He received his Ph.D. for research around distributed databases and data analytics. He’s a frequent speaker at meetups, international conferences, and lecture halls.

About the Presenter:

Chris has over ten years of experience at all technology angles, including service, support, and development. He continues his trend of being a versatile technologist at ArangoDB as a Developer Relations Engineer. Chris believes the future is native multi-model and is determined to tell the world. conferences, and lecture halls.