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Webinar Recording: ArangoDB GraphQL Spring Boot Starter

GraphQL is a mature and approachable solution to the problem of connecting modern apps to data services. GraphQL, on its own, helps to address the problems of over-fetching and under-fetching that exist with traditional REST APIs. However, by implementing a GraphQL interface with resolvers, you still suffer from the pains of the N+1 problem, and you are implementing your graph in your service tier. If you have a database that supports a graph model, instead of implementing your graph in the service tier, is it instead possible to perform the graph traversals on the database as close to the data as possible for maximum query efficiency and increased developer productivity?

While looking for a way to combine the flexibility of GraphQL with the power of a multi-model database using the Spring stack as the basis for future state core enterprise data services, Colin created a small library that would ultimately mature to be the open-source ArangoDB GraphQL Spring Boot Starter project.

In this webinar, Colin Findlay of JPMorgan, takes us through a runnable demo for the ArangoDB GraphQL Spring Boot Starter. The demo implements a fictional retail bank “AvoBank” to illustrate an easily understandable use case that demonstrates the benefits of the ArangoDB GraphQL Spring Boot Starter and associated libraries. The demo contains 3 different types of backend implementation to illustrate the relationship between a traditional REST implementation, a vanilla GraphQL implementation and an implementation using GraphQL and ArangoDB with the ArangoDB Spring Boot Starter and explains why this approach is advantageous.

About the presenter:

Colin Findlay is an Executive Director and Lead Design Authority at JPMorgan who partners with senior technology leadership to shape the future of multi-million dollar technology portfolios and with agile development teams to enable them to realize his strategic vision by delivering high quality solutions. Over the last 15 years in various roles at Tier 1 banks and an independent consultancy, Colin has developed a love of finding elegant solutions to complex problems. In these roles, Colin has been integral to a variety of technology initiatives from enterprise data capture & integration to client facing online experiences. Although Colin’s day job involves high-level solution architecture and tech strategy, he prides himself on still being “hands-on” and able to cut code on a variety of platforms, anywhere in the stack, and often jokes that PowerPoint is certainly not his preferred IDE. Colin holds a BSc. Hons. (Class I) in Computing Science from the University of Aberdeen.

Colin Findlay JPMorgan

Colin Findlay
Executive Director and Lead Design Authority at JPMorgan

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