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ArangoDB Webinar: How to Set Up ArangoDB ArangoGraph for Success

This webinar focuses on how to get started with ArangoDB ArangoGraph, making sure you actively use the first 14 days of your free trial to help you decide the next course of action.

Yaman Srivastava, ArangoGraph Customer Success Manager, who will walk you through:

  • How to set up your ArangoGraph account
  • Correctly creating your first deployment and effectively executing initial steps
  • Where to find the right documentation, access frequently asked questions, and raise tickets in case of technical issues
  • Adding teammates to your account, how to decide which plan is best suited to your requirements, and more
About the Presenter:

Yaman is an engineering graduate with 4+ years of customer success and business development experience. He has worked primarily with startups, and is quick to adapt to new work environments. Outside of work, he loves to travel and explore. He plays the guitar and is self-taught. He also binges a lot of Netflix and has extensive recommendations for shows in any genre.

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Yaman Srivastava