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Hacktoberfest - Intro to Knowledge Graphs Meetup

October 16, 2020 - 10am PDT/ 1pm EDT/ 7pm CEST

Have you ever wondered how Google is able to provide those little information cards when you do a search?
How about how Wikipedia is able to catalog the world’s information and make it useful to humans?

Well, in short, the answer to these questions and many other use cases is that they use Knowledge Graphs.

There are various technologies involved with Knowledge Graphs and getting started with them can seem like a daunting task. However, this meetup is the first in a series that hopes to make Knowledge Graphs more approachable and to show how to utilize them with ArangoDB.

Some terms and concepts that this meetup will cover include:
– What is a Knowledge Graph?
– What is an ontology?
– RDF, OWL, TTL, SPARQL.. acronyms oh my!
– Interactive notebook on interpolating triples to a property graph.

SPECIAL GUEST! David Faidella from reKnowledge will discuss how they leverage knowledge graphs in their platform!

About the Presenter:

Chris has over 10 years experience at all angles of technology including service, support, and development.

He is also passionate about learning and right now he is focused on improving the learning experience for the ArangoDB community.

Chris believes the future is native multi-model and wants to help tell the world.

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Chris Woodward