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Webinar Recording: Bluwr.com - Using Blumycellium automation tools with ArangoDB backend

Bluwr.com is a text-based social publication platform that aims at efficiently servicing millions of users. Here we introduce how we are using ArangoDB as the unique database for the project and we will look at Blumycellium, a lightweight library we developed for async communication between processes that uses ArangoDB as a back end. Blumycellium is one of our main automation tools for Bluwr and will be open-sourced from the get-go.

rsz tariq
Tariq Daouda
About the Presenter:

Tariq Daouda is Co-Founder & CEO of Bluwr, he also occupies the position of Head Software Architect where he supervises the development of Bluwr. Tariq is a full stack developer with many years of coding experience who authored several open-source projects. Over the years he developed strong expertise in bootstrapping software and how to write complex libraries and packages with limited time and financial resources.

Tariq Daouda holds a Bachelor in Mathematics and Computer Science from the Université de Lorraine, a master’s in Machine Learning from Université de Montréal, and a PhD in Bioinformatics also from the Université de Montréal. During his PhD he worked on application of Machine Learning to the study of the human immune-system. He then moved to Boston to pursue a postdoc where he was affiliated to the Broad Institute, Harvard Medical School, and the Massachusetts General Hospital. There he worked on applications of Machine Learning to single cell sequencing technologies.

rsz antoine
Antoine Zieger
About the Presenter:

Antoine is a Big Data Developer with years of experience in different companies from startups to Morgan Stanley and Ubisoft. His skills are about organizing terabytes of data and integrating them into reports to help make crucial business decisions. He is passionate about writing resilient scalable code that can be deployed along with the infrastructure needed.

As a CTO and co-founder at Bluwr.com Antoine’s role, amongst tons of other things, is to build a secure, scalable, robust, and fully automated infrastructure. As a small company with big ambitions, Bluwr relies heavily on automation for competitiveness and to offer reliable services to our users. Antoine also loves to share his knowledge with others. He trained new employees every opportunity he got and he is also a mentor on openclassrooms.com.