Download ArangoDB for Red Hat Linux

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The following packages are for Red Hat-based Linux distributions.

The processor(s) must support the x86-64 instruction set, as well as the SSE 4.2 and AVX instruction set extensions (Intel Sandy Bridge or better, AMD Bulldozer or better, etc.).

We provide a single package containing the server and the client tools. For a standard server setup, download the Server package and install it using the package manager. You do not need the separate client tools.

The Client Tools package only contains the tools, like arangosh and arangodump, but not the server. Use this in case you are already running ArangoDB on a different machine and want to connect to that server from a client machine.

As an alternative there is a Tar package containing the server and client tools, which can be unpacked in any location and which does not require root rights for installation.

RPM packages

  • Server 3.11.4
    (175 MByte, SHA256 551e164b6ba996627cb08e192200b971e61c8b4a154c62c5fc54e1a626eff4dd)
  • Client Tools 3.11.4
    (38 MByte, SHA256 00bd95c3f767ab16c6ece49ce0d45cd1aa86144bc34851ae26582ddf5794acf7)
  • Debug Symbols 3.11.4
    (54 MByte, SHA256 3423fddb2bc5db0f17a47b43cbac9871819efeb33b2486c805526ed1a6eee4e9)

Tar package

  • Server 3.11.4
    (189 MByte, SHA256 b0f7acf1fb18ef3c510178403948ee7cf7efadcd95155d46c6e1b080966d035f)
  • Client 3.11.4
    (48 MByte, SHA256 de0d5b51423bdb38436c76eee2c740714fbd1f1bcef6fde8bf8fd293a959d1f3)

Installation via Package Manager

Run the following as root in a teminal:

cd /etc/yum.repos.d/
curl -OL
yum -y install arangodb3-3.11.4-1.0

To install the debug symbols package (not required by default), run:

yum -y install arangodb3-debuginfo-3.11.4-1.0

Installation Manual

You will find a guide on how to install ArangoDB on Linux in our documentation.

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