Run ArangoDB with Kubernetes


ArangoDB is available for Kubernetes.

For the linux/amd64 Docker image variant, the processor(s) must support the x86-64 instruction set, as well as the SSE 4.2 and AVX instruction set extensions (Intel Sandy Bridge or better, AMD Bulldozer or better, etc.).

For the linux/arm64/v8 Docker image variant, the processor(s) must be 64-bit ARM chips (AArch64). The minimum requirement is ARMv8 with Neon (SIMD extension). A system with Little Endian byte order is required.

In order to install ArangoDB in your Kubernetes Cluster, first deploy the latest operator. Instructions how to do so can be found in the documentation: ArangoDB Kubernetes Operator.

After that, create and deploy a ArangoDBDeployment resource according to your needs and additionally specify

  image: 1

Installation Manual

You will find a guide on how to run ArangoDB on Kubernetes in our documentation.

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