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A Document Store (and More)

ArangoDB supports everything you expect from a modern document database – and so much more.

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Schemaless or schemaful

Work schema-free or use Schema Validation for data consistency. Store any type of data – date/time, geospatial, text, nested – and use ArangoDB’s feature-rich query capabilities to get the answers you want.

Fast Access To Your Data

Fine-tune your queries with a variety of indexes for optimal performance. ArangoDB is written in C++ and can handle even very large datasets efficiently.

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Easily Adapt Your Queries

Your data access needs might evolve over time. The rich capabilities of AQL empower you to adapt quickly – from simple CRUD operations over complex filters and aggregations, all the way to JOINs, graphs and ranked full text search.

Ready. Set. Scale.

Let your data grow on one machine or distribute to a cluster. You can leverage various indexes and unique features like SmartJoins and SatelliteCollection for fast queries – even against distributed data.

Paralle Query Execution
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Search for Patterns, Similarity – Anything

Adapt easily to changing project requirements with multi-model. Run complex graph algorithms or perform feature-rich search and similarity ranking with ArangoSearch – even combine data models in a single query to get the precise answers you want.