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Dev Days: Day 4

Fireside Chat: ArangoDB’s role in Data Analytics and Semantic Spacetime with Doctor Mark Burgess

Thanks to the popular press, most people think that Spacetime is about Einstein and Blackholes, but it’s really about any kind of processes that flow. And flow is described by graphs.

Recently, Professor Doctor Mark Burgess (CFEngine, Promise Theory, and many books and research papers) chose ArangoDB and Go as the tools for a series of pedagogical blog posts explaining how graphs naturally represent processes in both real and virtual spacetimes, like the Internet, Edge Computing, Quantum Mechanics, Bioinformatics, and Natural Language Processing–how nodes and links of graphs naturally express both the semantics and dynamics of world lines and histories. In this talk, he’s promised to summarise the main ideas from the series, explain why rich property graphs (rather than, say, neural networks) are under-appreciated as tools for machine learning, and why ArangoDB itself is uniquely suited to scaling these two key aspects of the process (semantics, dynamics) in a unified picture.


Fuzzy Search with Chris Woodward

In this talk, we deep dive ArangoSearch’s Fuzzy Search capabilities by investigating the various Levenshtein functions available with AQL.

Knowledge Graphs with Chris Woodward
An overview of Knowledge Graphs as well as the existing tools for dealing with semantic data, and some of the challenges with working with this type of structured data in property graphs.

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