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ArangoDB Community Edition

Graph database to drive value from connected data, faster

Native Graph

Store both data and relationships, for faster queries even with multiple levels of joins and deeper insights that simply aren’t possible with traditional relational and document databases.

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Document Store

Every node in your graph is a JSON document: flexible, extensible, and easily imported from your existing document database.

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Natively integrated cross-platform indexing, text-search and ranking engine for information retrieval, optimized for speed and memory.

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ArangoDB Query Language

AQL provides a powerful way to access and combine all data access strategies in ArangoDB.

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Foxx Microservices

Unify your data storage logic, reduce network overhead and secure sensitive data with Foxx.

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Full GeoJSON Support

Enrich your graph, document or search queries with geo-locational aspects.

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ArangoDB vs. MongoDB

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ArangoDB vs. Neo4j


ArangoDB vs. Cassandra

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