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Graph data applied to various use cases

Native graph in ArangoDB is a highly versatile approach and its advantages can be applied to a broad range of different use cases.

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Enterprise Knowledge Graphs (EKGs) have been on the rise and are incredibly valuable tools for harmonizing internal and external data relevant to an organization into a common semantic model. Enterprises benefit from improved operational efficiency and competitive advantages for their business units.

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Today’s criminals are constantly coming up with new techniques to hide their activities by forming fraud networks with stolen or synthetic identities.

In many cases, attacks are launched from multiple vectors and can only be discovered by connecting diverse data sources to uncover difficult-to-detect patterns. Native graph technology is perfect to solve this challenge.

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Acquiring and interpreting detailed information about customers, markets and other aspects of an organizations business is of paramount importance.

Yet, relevant data becomes more and more unstructured and has to be analyzed in context in the light of changing aspects. ArangoDB lets you store and process all relevant information while making it very easy to connect the right dots with latest native graph technology.

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Highly Versatile Machine Learning

Graph-Powered Data Traceability

ArangoDB lets you go graph & beyond