Graph & Beyond Lunch Break #5: AQL Query Performance Optimization 101 (Part I)

This is Part 1 in a two-part series covering the basics of AQL query performance optimization.

In this lunch break, ArangoDB Senior Developer Jan Steemann will cover the basics of AQL query performance optimization. He will demonstrate if and how your indexes in ArangoDB can help AQL query performance, as well as share practical advice around how to set them up so that they can help as much as possible. For this, we’ll look at the explain and profiling outputs of some AQL queries, and try to improve them until they are optimal.

In this session we’ll focus on single-server query performance. Although all the techniques shown here can be used in cluster setups as well, there will be a follow-up session dedicated to cluster query performance.

You can find Part II here.

About the Presenter:

After more than 30 years of playing around with 8-bit computers, assembler and scripting languages, Jan decided to move on to work in database engineering. Jan is now a senior C/C++ developer with the ArangoDB core team, being there from version 0.1. He is mostly working on performance optimization, storage engines and the querying functionality.

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Jan Steemann

Jan Steemann