ArangoDB v3.9 reached End of Life (EOL) and is no longer supported.

This documentation is outdated. Please see the most recent version at

Active Failover Limitations

The Active Failover setup in ArangoDB has a few limitations.

  • In contrast to the ArangoDB Cluster:
    • Active Failover has only asynchronous replication, and hence no guarantee on how many database operations may have been lost during a failover.
    • Active Failover has no global state, and hence a failover to a bad follower (see the example above) overrides all other followers with that state (including the previous leader, which might have more up-to-date data). In a Cluster setup, a global state is provided by the agency and hence ArangoDB is aware of the latest state.
  • Should you add more than one follower, be aware that during a failover situation the failover attempts to pick the most up-to-date follower as the new leader on a best-effort basis.
  • Should you be using the ArangoDB Starter or the Kubernetes Operator to manage your Active-Failover deployment, be aware that upgrading might trigger an unintentional failover between machines.