ArangoDB v3.9 reached End of Life (EOL) and is no longer supported.

This documentation is outdated. Please see the most recent version at

ArangoDB Drivers Documentation

ArangoDB drivers and integrations allow you to use ArangoDB as a database system for your applications


Database drivers, also called connectors, adapters, or client libraries, let you access and manage database systems. ArangoDB drivers are interfaces between programming languages and ArangoDB, which enable software developers to connect to and manipulate ArangoDB deployments from within compiled programs or using scripting languages.

From a language perspective, documents and database structures can be integrated with data types and their methods. The precise mapping of concepts and methods depends on the capabilities and practices of each language.

Programming is a powerful way of automating interactions and control of the database, as well as to integrate database operations into your own software. The drivers listed below are officially maintained and supported by ArangoDB. If your programming language or environment is not listed,

Java driver

The ArangoDB Java driver lets you work with ArangoDB in the Java programming language.

Go driver

The Go driver lets you work with ArangoDB in the Go programming language.

C#/.NET driver

The arangodb-net-standard driver lets you work with ArangoDB using the C# programming language and the .NET ecosystem.

Node.js driver

The ArangoJS driver lets you work with ArangoDB in Node.js, using the JavaScript scripting language. You can also use it in web browsers.

Python driver

The Python-Arango driver lets you work with ArangoDB in the Python scripting language.


Database integrations allow applications to work with different database systems using a common interface. They are higher-level than database drivers because they abstract away the details of specific database systems, especially the low-level network communication.

Spring Data

The Spring Data integration for ArangoDB lets you use ArangoDB as a database system in Spring-based Java applications.

Apache Spark

The ArangoDB Datasource for Apache Spark is a library that lets you use Apache Spark with ArangoDB for data processing. Apache Spark has first-party support for the Scala, Java, Python, and R language.

The ArangoDB-Spark-Connector is the predecessor of the ArangoDB Datasource library for the Scala and Java programming languages, but it is recommended to use the new library instead.