Download and Install a Technical Preview

Download & install a technical preview

Here you will find the Milestone of the upcoming ArangoDB 3.4 release. This Milestone of the ArangoDB 3.4 includes a preview of an upcoming new feature – ArangoSearch. ArangoSearch is based on a cross-platform indexing and searching engine written in C++ and is natively integrated into AQL. It is optimized for speed and memory footprint.

Read more about the feature, go through extensive tutorial and visit ArangoSearch docs.

We would love to get your feedback to further improve ArangoDB – get in touch with us on ArangoDB Community Slack or via our contact form.

Please note that this is a Milestone release: it is not feature complete nor suitable for production usage, and is for testing purposes only. If you already have ArangoDB installed, please remember to backup your data and run an upgrade after installing the Milestone release. Read more about ArangoDB release structure here.

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