ArangoDB White Papers

ArangoDB White Papers

What is a Multi-model Database and Why Use It?

When it comes to choosing the right technology for a new project, ongoing development or a full system upgrade, it can often be challenging to define the exact right tools that will match set-up criteria from start to finish. Especially, when it comes to choosing the right database.

In this white paper we explain what a multi-model database is, and why and where it makes sense to use it, including a use case based on aircraft fleet management.

ArangoDB white papers

Resilience in ArangoDB 3

In this white paper we explain the resilience concept of ArangoDB, which has been dramatically improved for the 3.0 release.

For distributed applications resilience is a crucial feature, in particular for infrastructure applications like databases. When an application runs on multiple machines or cloud instances, the probability of a machine failure is no longer negligible. Thus, if you run distributed applications and you want to sleep well, these applications need to be fault tolerant or resilient.

ArangoDB white papers

ArangoDB Cluster Performance

In our white paper we show that an ArangoDB cluster with 640 vCPUs can sustain a write load of 1.1M JSON documents per second which amounts to approximately 1GB of data per second, and that it takes a single short command and around 10 Minutes to deploy such an 80 node cluster using the Mesosphere DCOS.

ArangoDB white papers

Production Case Studies

NextGen Design Collaboration by IC Manage utilizing ArangoDB

IC Manage provides next generation design management solutions for SoC, IP, IC and software design, enabling companies to efficiently and reliably manage single and multi-site development efforts.

IC Manage was founded in 2002, has over 50 employees worldwide, and more than 70 customers. IC Manage provides tools to manage data (store, track, secure, create, analyze, distribute) for silicon designers and their globally distributed teams.

AboutYou Data-Driven Personalization with ArangoDB

AboutYou is one of Germany’s leading eCommerce sites with over 700.000 customers. As part of the Otto Group the company puts a lot of effort into innovative technologies and high privacy standards.

Have a pleasant journey with FlightStats and ArangoDB

Liaison Technologies is a global data management and integration company. We provide innovative solutions to integrate, transform, harmonize, manage and secure critical business data on-premise or in the cloud. Headquartered in Atlanta, Liaison has offices in the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Liaison has 400 employees, 7,000 customers, and are positioned as a leader in the integration brokerage space by Gartner.

Liaison's healthy Data Platform as a Service with ArangoDB

FlightStats is a cutting-edge data services company focused on commercial aviation. We are the leading provider of real-time global flight data to companies and individuals across the travel ecosystem.

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