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ArangoDB as an Embedded Database

ISVs, OEMs and VARs rely on ArangoDBs native multi-model approach as their products’ embedded database to quickly adapt to customer needs, stay flexible and simplify their overall development process. See our References. With lower development efforts, shorter time to value, and happy developers ArangoDB gives an edge on competition. Modern applications often ask for more than one database and ArangoDB enables this polyglot persistence without the costs and complexities.

ISV and OEM customers choose ArangoDB for its:

  • Lower costs, up to 75% less than other databases. Lower development and database costs allow vendors to offer their products at a fraction of the cost of competing solution and win more price sensitive customers.
  • Cross Platform Flexibility with support of a wide range of leading platforms providing the freedom to ship products on multiple hardware and operating systems and into more markets.
  • Reduced time to market and time to value with a simplified tech stack.
  • Graphs, Documents and Key/Value pairs all available in the same core
  • ArangoDB Query Language (AQL), an elegant and advanced query language that feels like coding and natively operates with all three data models
  • Support of all major programming languages (Java, Scala, Python, PHP, JavaScript, NodeJS, Go, C++, .NET, Elixr and many more)
  • ArangoDB is C++ based and designed for high performance.
  • Reliability and Scalability to meet requirements of the most demanding applications.
  • Ease-of-use with fast installation, simple configurations and a very complete query language.
  • Zero-Administration-Strategy to minimize maintenance and save on costs for DBAs or costly support calls

ArangoDB is available in two editions for embedding in commercial products

ArangoDB CommunityArangoDB Enterprise
TypeApache V2Commercial
Satellite Collections
Encryption at Rest
Enhanced User Management with LDAP
Encryption Control
Enhanced Data Masking
Storage Engines
RocksDB (persistent)
Memory-Mapped Files (memory based)
Storage Formats
VelocyPack (binary storage format)
VelocyStream Protocol (stream binary VelocyPack)
Administrative Features
ArangoDB WebUI
ArangoDB Backup
Arangodump & Arangorestore
Synchronous Replication
Asynchronous Replication
Query Functionalities
Query Analysizer and Optimizer
Support of JOIN Operations
Full Graph Operations
Aggregation and Filters
Full GeoJSON support
ArangoSearch for text search and ranking
Data-centric microservices with Foxx™
ArangoDB Cluster Management
Datacenter-to-Datacenter Replication
Configuration & Provisioning
Automatic Scaling
Automatic Failover
Management & Monitoring
ArangoDB Integrations
SpringData integration
Google Kubernetes
Cytoscape (Graph Visualization)
Apache Spark Connector
Keylines (Graph Visualization)
Free, online education
Private, on-demand training
Complete List of Supported Platforms
Unlimited Support Incidents
Multiple Support Contacts
Hot Fixes
Private On-Demand Training
Technical alerts