Webinar: What's new in ArangoDB 3.6?

OneShard deployment, AQL performance improvements and enhanced ArangoSearch capabilities

The slides from this Webinar can be found here.

Version 3.6 comes with a new OneShard deployment which is designed for use cases where you don’t need horizontal scalability, but still rely on high availability, fault tolerance and query performance which is similar to a single server. Maybe something for your next Graph use case or multi-tenant application? We will go a bit into the details in this webinar.

Most notably we improved the query performance with a series of new enhancements in this release. Subquery performance has been improved up to 30 times, parallel execution of AQL queries allows to significantly reduce gathering time of data distributed over several nodes, and late document materialization reduces the need to retrieve non-relevant documents completely. Simple UPDATE and REPLACE operations that modify multiple documents are more efficient because several processing steps have been removed. The performance package is rounded off by an early pruning of non-matching documents.

In addition, we show how to use the new functionality in ArangoSearch, including edge n-grams in the existing Text Analyzer to support word-based auto-completion queries, improved the n-gram Analyzer with UTF-8 support and the ability to mark the beginning/end of the input sequence.

Ingo Friepoertner
About the Presenter:

Ingo Friepoertner, the Product Manager at ArangoDB, is dealing with all the good ideas from the ArangoDB community, customers and industry experts to improve the value provided by the company’s native multi-model approach. In former positions he worked as a product owner and tech consultant, building custom software solutions for large companies in various industries. Ingo holds a diploma in business informatics from FHDW University of Applied Sciences.