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Technical Alert #2: Users not included in the backup

This Technical Alert only affects Users and Customers for which the following conditions are all true:


  • The ArangoDB version in use is any version between 3.3.0 and 3.3.13 (3.3.0 and 3.3.13 included), or 3.4.0-RC.1;
  • ArangoDB has authentication enabled (–server.authentication = true);
  • arangodump is being used to backup the ArangoDB Server;
  • ArangoDB users and roles have to be included in the backup produced by arangodump.


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Issue Description

Even if the option –include-system-collections is set to true, when running the tool arangodump on an ArangoDB Server which has authentication turned on, the users and roles are not included in the produced backup. This behaviour affects the ArangoDB deployment modes Single-ServerActive Failover and Cluster and is caused by a bug.

Issue Resolution

ArangoDB version 3.3.14 or higher, and version 3.4.0-RC.1 or higher include a fix for the issue described in this Technical Alert. ArangoDB version 3.2.x is not affected.

If you are running an authenticated ArangoDB Server (Single InstanceActive Failover or Cluster), and you would like to have your users and roles included in the backup, it is therefore recommended to upgrade your ArangoDB installation to version 3.3.14 or higher, or to version 3.4.0-RC.1 or higher. No actions are required if you are running ArangoDB 3.2.x.

Additional Questions

In case of any questions, please contact us. ArangoDB Customers can open a support ticket in our Support Platform.