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ArangoDB Included in DBTA 100: The Companies That Matter Most in Data

This has been a really momentous year so far for us, filled with a lot of accomplishments we’re pretty excited about. We recently added another one to the books: being named to Database Trends and Applications magazine’s “DBTA 100: The Companies That Matter Most in Data” list.

DBTA 100 2019What does this mean? Well for us, it’s just a bit more validation that we’ve been able to help developers around the world reduce complexity and headaches that typically accompany leveraging multiple data models within their applications. We truly believe that developers and their teams are way better off when they have the freedom to see different data models not as standalone products, but as product features. We want to help them no longer have to agonize over choosing the right database, but be given the freedom to effortlessly implement the right data models (in our case: graph, document, key/value, and full-text search) as they continue to evolve their applications to adapt to user and market demands.

This recognition by DBTA magazine comes on the back of securing our Series A financing in May, being recognized by G2 Crowd as a Spring Leader, as well as surpassing 8,000 stargazers on GitHub. It feels great to know our hard work paying off, but that doesn’t mean for a second we’re resting on our laurels. We’ve been putting our funding to good use — growing our team of avocados each week (did we mention we’re hiring?) to bring you more good stuff as fast as we can!

What’s next? ArangoDB 3.5 is around the corner (you can get your hands on the latest RC here), and we’re working hard to get the pre-release of our managed service, ArangoDB ArangoGraph, in your hands as soon as possible (join our Early Bird list to make sure you’re kept up-to-date!).

Thanks everyone for an exciting first half of 2019. We hope the second half is twice as fun!

Julie Ferrario

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