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ArangoDB Receives Series A Funding Led by Bow Capital

Phew, it’s been quite a ride, but today the whole team is super excited to announce a $10 million Series A funding for ArangoDB, our native multi-model database.

We feel honored and frankly a bit proud that Bow Capital is leading this    image3 investment round and shows their trust in our product, team, and amazing community. Vivek, Suraj and team – it is an absolute pleasure teaming up with you! Getting the chance to learn from the leaders guiding TIBCO to its remarkable success is an absolute privilege. With Murat Sönmez, former EVP Global Field Operations at TIBCO and now Managing Director at the World Economic Forum, joining our board of directors, ArangoDB is all set to reach the next level (Find details in our official press release).

targetpartners    What you need at the very beginning is a band of curious people and bold personalities willing to invest. In 2017, we found this investor ‘at home’ in Germany. Kurt Müller from Target Partners made it possible to pursue our native multi-model vision with his seed investment. We are glad that Kurt and Target Partners also participate in this Series A round and continue their support.

To be frank, building a technology which questions the status quo is quite a piece of work. Tell someone that you don’t need a graph database to have rich graph queries. Tell someone that you don’t need a document database to have fast aggregations and complex filters on schemaless data. And then tell this person that you can have all this in one engine and one query language. I guess it is a lot to digest at first, and we were lucky to have early pioneers around us exploring this idea with us.

For those new to the native multi-model idea or keen to learn more about our future plans, watch this webinar recording.

What really amazes me though is to see how the community around the project evolved over the past two years. As founder and CEO of a company it is one of my jobs to see problems and, best case, fix them quickly. This is not always possible and concerns start rising. Will we get a next funding or this big deal? Are we steering the product in the right direction? Is my team happy? The thing that lifts my chin up in these situations is to remind me that there is a vibrant community out there contributing their time and energy. Especially over the past two years, ArangoDB received so much support from around the globe:

  • Close to 100 contributors helping us extend the ArangoDB ecosystem or directly contributing to the core
  • Experienced minds helping the team bridge knowledge gaps on various fronts
  • Innovative companies – big and small – forming business relations with us
  • People investing their time to write case studies with us or sharing their ArangoDB experience on G2Crowd and Gartner – letting this young project be recognized as one of the top-rated databases already today
  • Stargazers showing their support on GitHub and experienced Arangos helping new ones on Stack Overflow or Slack

It’s just amazing to be part of this! 🙂

In the name of the whole team: Thank you all so much for making ArangoDB possible!

We want to honor this support by doing our best in sharing our knowledge, invest even more into our community and keep building something useful. Since our last release of v3.4 featuring ArangoSearch, we are in full swing to ship the next version soon. In parallel, a new dedicated team is working on a big new offering to further simplify a developer’s life. Hope for your understanding that I can’t disclose more today but stay tuned or join the webinar on the 28th where I can share more details.

To make ArangoDB happen, we are always looking for curious and experienced minds joining us on this adventure. Have a look at our current openings and let’s have a chat!

Dear Team & Family

Looking back over the past few years, I’m incredibly proud of all the milestones we have achieved. Our success has been possible due to the dedicated hard work of our fantastic team. The ArangoDB family is the best team I have ever had the privilege to work with and ArangoDB is not my first adventure. Therefore, I want to take this opportunity to thank each of you for your countless hours, support, and love. I also want to thank my wife, Petia, and children for all their unwavering patience and loving support. We would not have been able to achieve this round of funding without your ongoing commitment to the success of ArangoDB and for this I am grateful.

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